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Deepwater Horizon Settlements – Medical and Economic

If you are a resident of the Gulf of Mexico who was medically or economically impacted by the BP oil spill of 2010, or if you are an individual or business owner who lives outside of the region but was impacted financially by the spill, it is important you take the time to fully educate yourself on the terms of the newly approved Deepwater Horizon settlement agreements. Though many refer to the program as if it is a single agreement, it has actually been set up as two separate programs. One is the economic settlement, which covers a variety of circumstances that include property damages, loss of revenue and loss of wages. The other is a medical settlement agreement that covers both clean-up workers and residents of specifically proscribed geographic areas, and provides not only compensation for damages, but also checkups, education and the possibility of future claims. What is important to remember is that you may be eligible to file a number of claims, and that you must file each one that you are eligible for in order to receive all that you are entitled to.

The establishment of the Deepwater Horizon Medical Claims agreement represents a sea change for those who were physically hurt by the BP oil spill. Prior to this agreement, damages claims that had submitted claims for medical expenses were rejected out of hand by the Gulf Coast Claims Facility. The new agreement runs under the assumption that both BP oil spill clean-up workers and people who lived in the area at the time of the spill could have suffered medical damages, and as long as there is documentation available, they will be reimbursed. The oil spill medical settlement also sets up a medical consultation program, as well as an option for later litigation for medical claims that may not be immediately evident.

The Deepwater Horizon Economic and Property Damage Settlement agreement covers both individuals and businesses that were impacted by loss of revenue, loss of property value and loss of compensation among other possible claims. There are twelve possible claim categories, and though the agreement was designated to be transparent, it may be confusing for many. If you feel that you are eligible to file a BP oil spill damages claim but need claims help, a qualified oil spill attorney can help you determine your best course of action.

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